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Let’s take a moment to be open and honest.

Are you feeling stuck and need some guidance to move forward?

Are you wanting for more due to a lack of fulfillment, purpose, or clarity?


Though it may not feel like it from where you stand right now, you have the ability to shape your life and personal situation, no matter the circumstances big or small. If you are ready to feel empowered and spiritually stronger, I can help you re-adjust your course and point you in the right direction.


My client work is conducted in a relaxed atmosphere of respect, trust, and zero judgment. In working with me, you will be provided with tools and techniques to help you manifest what you truly want by being who you truly are.


When you work with me, you are provided with guidance, insight, support and growth strategies. The sacred work is for you to do, the awesome journey is yours to travel…


I have always felt spiritually connected. For as long as I can remember, my soul was always in the driver’s seat. I have never known myself to be any other way. My soul journey became clear to me through a recurring dream, I first had as a young teen.



My name is Martine, and I am passionate about many things:

I am an intuitive reader, a certified life coach, and a certified energy healing practitioner. I am also a teacher and an attorney. I help people in the areas of: advancement, spiritual growth, empowerment and self-realization.



About No More Layers

Martine’s work aims to remove the emotional layers that stand between us and our own light, and prevent us from tapping into our life purpose. Those layers can be a result of formative past experiences, unresolved feelings, emotional stress, fear, self-limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns, or sub-conscious programming.


She helps her clients in the areas of holistic and spiritual growth, self-empowerment, self-realization, and mapping life paths.

Martine’s car accident and ensuing concussion catapulted her into a period of self-discovery.


No more Layers spiritual coaching Martine Cohen

“We are created in the image of G-d. We are on this earth to bring light and love into the world and continue the process of creation, each inspired by our own unique creative energy.”

Work With Me

One on one sessions

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Learning how to be who you are.


A safe place to embark on your journey.



  • In early 2016, I suffered a fairly serious concussion after having a car accident. When I regained consciousness in the midst of the chaos,...

  • We are each a soul within a body – a soul that has chosen to inhabit this earth, growing and improving not only itself, but the world aroun...

  • For as long as I can remember, I have been drawn to dolphins. I remember ordering scholastic books for the first time in first grade...